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Introducing “Life insurance you don’t have to die to collect”



… why your life insurance is outdated!

… how you can become your own beneficiary!

… how you can now advance up to $2,000,000 and the money is paid directly to you!

… why it is important to be able to advance your death benefit!


Hint: most people don't die healthy or suddenly. They become ill and may not die for years.

A medical crisis is usually followed by a financial crisis!


I want to introduce you to something new and really exciting about life insurance. Most people have never heard of this. It’s called “life insurance you don’t have to die to collect.” It allows you to advance the death benefit before you die. You become your own beneficiary.


Traditional life insurance works like this - you buy a policy, you have a death benefit, you pay the premium, you get sick, you die. The death benefit is then paid to the beneficiary. The important thing to remember here is that the death benefit is only paid when someone dies and it’s only paid to the beneficiary. It doesn't matter what type of life insurance you have - it could be term, whole life, universal life, or any other kind.  


We all know we're going to die. That's a 100% certainty. The reality is that almost all of us will suffer at least one, and sometimes more medical crises, before we die. 3 examples of a medical crisis are - heart attack, stroke and cancer. There are many more types of a medical crisis. These are just the top 3, accounting for over 80% of all deaths.


A medical crisis is usually followed by a financial crisis. The main causes of a financial crisis are lost income and the inability to cover normal living expenses. Plus, there are new expenses that your medical plan may not cover like deductibles, experimental treatments, prescriptions, medical equipment, home remodeling such as wheelchair access - and the list goes on. When someone suffers a medical crisis, there are an unlimited number of extra expenses that can be incurred.


90% of us will experience a medical crises before we die. 70% of us who reach age 65 will have experienced heart attack, or cancer, or stroke - and survived. That’s seven out of ten people who reach the age of 65. Amazingly, the average age of the first incident of heart attack, cancer, or stroke is 43. That’s the average age!


Now, ask yourself this. What do you think will happen first, a medical crisis or a death crisis? Are you going to get sick first, or are you going to die first? I think we all know the likely answer to that one. Very, very few people die healthy.


You can now advance the death benefit when you have a medical crisis. You become the first beneficiary. The insurance company will write a check, made out to you, to spend how you see fit. You can use the money for anything you want - medical expenses, living expenses, pay off your house, fund your retirement -- you could even take a vacation. It’s not a loan. You don’t have to pay it back. You don't have to be terminally ill. Besides insuring your life if you die, you’re actually insuring your best asset – your ability to work.


Now, here's the best part. The cost for this new, exciting, updated life insurance policy that allows you to advance the death benefit if you have a medical crisis and need, or want, the money --- the cost is about the same as the traditional, now outdated, life insurance that you're currently paying for or shopping for.


So, that’s it - “life insurance you don’t have to die to collect.”


Now, that’s exciting!


My name is George Stewart.


Call me anytime and I’ll answer all your questions.




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