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If you had information that could literally change someone’s life, would you share it?


If you’re on facebook, twitter, or any other of the many social media, you probably get messages asking you to share info about an illness (such as cancer) out of respect for someone who is battling cancer, survived cancer, or died from cancer. Truth is, we all know someone like that. I’m a cancer survivor twice over so I can relate very well.


The information I want to share is not about the folks who are ill, but about the healthy folks who can still protect themselves from the financial crisis that usually follows a medical crisis.


We all know we’re going to die. The only questions are when and how. The average life expectancy now is in our 70s and 80s. It depends on your current age – the older we are, the higher our life expectancy. The how is more varied. Most people don’t die healthy or suddenly. They become ill first. Most sudden deaths are due to accidents or a major, fatal health issue. Most of us will suffer a major health crisis before we die. 84% of all deaths are due to cancer, heart, or stroke issues. The average age for the first incident of cancer, heart or stroke issues is 43. (I was 26 the first time I was diagnosed with cancer. I had surgery and recovered). 70% of all people who reach the age of 65 will have experienced one of these issues – and survived. The important thing to think about is – a medical crisis is usually followed by a financial crisis.


Many, if not most, of the folks who experience a medical crisis followed by a financial crisis have some form of life insurance. The problem is that the death benefit is only available when they die, not when they may need it most  --- now. A life insurance policy is designed to pay a death benefit upon death. Note: some policies do have a clause that states they will pay the insured a certain percentage of the death benefit (usually up to 50% and 6 to 12 months from expected death) upon diagnosis of a terminal illness. This new updated life insurance will pay up to 100% and 24 months before estimated death.


Traditional life insurance that only pays the death benefit when someone dies is now becoming outdated or obsolete. The new updated life insurance will allow the policyholder the option of advancing the death benefit when there is a medical crisis. For example, someone is stricken with cancer. Depending on the severity, they may be able to advance up to 100% of the death benefit. They do not have to be terminally ill and, in fact, may fully recover. This money that is advanced is payable directly to them and they can spend it any way they want – cover lost income, medical bills, pay off their house, fund their retirement, take a vacation, whatever. This is "life insurance you don’t have to die to collect!"


The advance can be up to 100%. Let’s say someone is diagnosed with cancer. It is serious, it may be life threatening, but it is not terminal. In fact, the person may fully recover. The insurance company may determine that the policyholder is eligible for a 75% advance of the policy. If they have a $100,000 policy and the advance is 75%, they would receive $75,000 payable directly to  them, to do with as they choose. If the policy were for $1,000,000, they would receive $750,000. The advance is a percentage of the death benefit, not a fixed amount. The maximum advance is $2,000,000. You would have to have a minimum policy of $2,000,000 to be eligible for the maximum advance.


Due to the millions of policies now in force, it is estimated that 99% of these are outdated or obsolete. The policyholder has to die for any money to be paid.


I have heard all kinds of horror stories. People become ill, they lose their income, they lose their job, they lose their life savings. One of the worst stories is the policyholder who is going through this nightmare and comments, “ I should have died. At least my family would have received the death benefit before we lost everything.”


I think the worst story is about the healthy person who becomes stricken and didn’t know about this new updated insurance. Once they find out, and it’s too late for them, they always say, “had I only known, I would have replaced my outdated insurance and now have the money I so desperately need.”


That’s why I’m sharing this information. I want everyone to know that this new updated, innovative life insurance is available to replace their outdated life insurance. The last thing that I would want is someone I know – family, friends, acquaintances, whomever – to be stricken with a health crisis and not know this was available. This can literally change someone’s life.


There’s not much worse than needing something we can’t get.


Unless maybe realizing we could have gotten it,

but, didn’t think it was important enough at the time.


Now, it’s too late.



Please share this information with everyone you know!


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